MaRS Discovery District

MaRS is the world’s largest urban innovation hub, a place where today’s moonshots become tomorrow’s breakthroughs. It is a launch pad for startups, a platform for researchers, and a home to innovators.

As a home to entrepreneurs and a bridge to the business world, MaRS helps companies bring breakthrough ideas to market on a global scale.

MaRS brings together partners who might not otherwise connect to collaborate on new solutions to complex challenges

Place Matters

MaRS brings together educators, researchers, social scientists, entrepreneurs and business experts under one roof to bridge the gap between what people need and what governments can provide.

MaRS is founded on the idea that great minds may not think alike but they like each other’s company; a brilliant idea in isolation is not enough to create a real breakthrough. Innovation doesn’t just happen. MaRS is where inspiration meets realization, – a commercialization hub giving entrepreneurs what they need most: a home with access to networks and capital.

We work with corporations willing to leverage their global reach to assist startups seeking footholds in foreign markets. Corporations, in turn, are embedding teams at MaRS to boost creativity, scout talent and rekindle their entrepreneurial flames.

MaRS is not just about creating billion-dollar companies, but touching a billion lives, creating a vanguard of entrepreneurs working to improve society for future generations and making a difference beyond our borders.