Brandtrade works in partnership with different countries to design, develop, and market small product collections and media-driven consumer programs around the world. Designed to create greater understanding of the unique cultural economy of a nation, each initiative is intended to contribute directly to a country’s trade, development.

Brandtrade’s goal is to contribute to the building of nation brands, as a means to support trade and promote understanding between people and cultures around the world. Brandtrade partners with other global development and trade institutions, designers, creative agencies, media companies, retailers, businesses and NGO’s in order to build enduring links to market for global artisans.

In today’s multi polar, increasingly open marketplace, emerging countries have an opportunity to expand trade and build relationships around the world through their unique cultural heritage. Many trading partners and global consumers don’t yet have a true understanding of these nations unique cultures, or peoples. This lack of understanding and knowledge is a significant barrier to trade and hinders development and the building of strong relationships between governments.

from Eco Fashion Talks