Canada’s Performing Arts Alliance

Canada’s Performing Arts Alliance, a collaboration of the Canadian Dance Assembly,, Orchestras Canada and the Professional Association of Canadian Dance Theatres, concluded its first-ever meeting, committed to the underscoring of the role of Canada’s performing arts organizations and artists in communities, big and small, from coast to coast. Building from a position of strength, we are looking to work with government and community builders to collaborate on proactive measures that will maximize the benefit Canadians enjoy from the arts.

Deeply concerned about the potential impact of the current economic crisis on communities across Canada and in particular their theatres, orchestras, dance and opera companies, members of the joint boards forged common cause to ensure the structural and resource ability of performing arts organizations. This forum explored policy responses to address the volatility facing companies in every corner of the country. As a significant contributor to Canada’s economy and the quality of life of Canadians, the performing arts sector came together to urge all levels of governments to ensure that the arts are part of any economic stimulus package.

Canadian Performing Arts Alliance

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